Friday, 12 October 2012

Sexism idag

Oj, så taggad jag blev.

"Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard could teach Barack Obama and Mitt Romney a thing or two about zingers. In a passionate speech to parliament, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard seized on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's attempt to paint her as a misogynist, calling him a sexist and a hypocrite and bombarding him with a series of examples when she was "personally offended" by his comments and actions.
The drama started with Abbott's repeated calls for the resignation of Speaker Peter Slipper after a series of crude and inappropriate text messages came to light. Abbott seized on the scandal by saying that Gillard's defense of her colleague would be "another day of shame for this parliament, another day of shame for a government which should already have died of shame." In the video, you can see Abbott grow increasingly uncomfortable as Gillard's rhetoric continues"

Den som tror att sexism inte existerar idag är ju dum i huvet. 

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